Specfic key option is not available for the selected keystone difficulty at the moment. Please, contact customer support for more details and we will surely find a solution for you
You will get 496 End of Dungeon gear by completing this keystone.
You will get 499 End of Dungeon gear by completing this keystone.
You will get 502 End of Dungeon gear by completing this keystone.
You will get 506 End of Dungeon gear by completing this keystone.
You will get 509 End of Dungeon gear by completing this keystone.
You will get 509 gear in the Weekly Great Vault by completing this keystone.
You will get 512 gear in the Weekly Great Vault by completing this keystone.
You will get 515 gear in the Weekly Great Vault by completing this keystone.
You will get 519 gear in the Weekly Great Vault by completing this keystone.
You will get 522 gear in the Weekly Great Vault by completing this keystone.
There is a personal chance to get Endurance, Finesse or Potency conduit, Legendary Powers and Centurion Power Core for your class/spec in the end-of-dungeon chest.
We ask you to have some knowledge of dungeon mechanics as well as solid knowledge of you class for high level keystones.
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WoW Mythic+ Carry US

Keystone Boost - Mythic+ Carry in Shadowlands Patch 9.1 - Chains of Domination

There have been some remarkable changes added in patch 9.1 - Chains of Domination related to mythic plus content.

  • Gear Item Level Rewards - new item level drops from Mythic+ in Patch 9.1;
  • Mythic+ Rating - in short, it’s an official version of Raider.IO score that Blizzard came up with;
  • Rewards for Mythic +20 Keystones Completed Within Time Limit - since 9.1 if you manage to complete any dungeon at +20 level difficulty and manage to do it within the given time limit, you will be awarded with a teleport toy to that specific dungeon;
  • New Mega-Dungeon: Tazavesh, The Veiled Market - mythic-only mode dungeon, 8 new bosses, 184 item level drops and a mount;
  • New Seasonal Mythic+ affix “Tormented” - defeat the Jailer's forces to gain cool powers!
  • Ta’hsup, the Keystone NPC - new mythic + quality of life features;
  • Valor System - upgrading Mythic+ gear in Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination.

Now, let's look at all those changes in some more detail.

Gear Item Level Rewards from Mythic+ in Patch 9.1

Item level has been increased and the table below shows both new end-of-the-dungeon item level as well as new item level of gear from The Great Vault for all possible key levels.

Keystone Level End of Dungeon Weekly Great Vault
Mythic 2 210 226
Mythic 3 213 226
Mythic 4 216 226
Mythic 5 220 229
Mythic 6 223 229
Mythic 7 223 233
Mythic 8 226 236
Mythic 9 226 236
Mythic 10 229 239
Mythic 11 229 242
Mythic 12 233 246
Mythic 13 233 246
Mythic 14 236 249
Mythic 15 and above 236 252

Mythic+ Rating - Official Mythic+ Scoring System by Blizzard

Blizzard has implemented the official Mythic+ Scores system inside the game with Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination. While basically all PUG Mythic+ players use Raider.IO's addon, the system has been divisive, as players tend to blame it for rejections and sometimes even failed runs, so it's going to be interesting to see what happens when it becomes an actual in-game system.

Below is the table showing what ranks are available in the new system, number of points each dungeon gets you as well as corresponding difficulty of mythic+ dungeon.

Rank Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Points Given 0-480 481-960 961-1600 1601-2400 3200+
Mythic+ Level 0-4 4-7 7-10 10-15 15+

With Blizzard taking on an in-game Mythic+ score, this will probably make it a lot easier for Blizzard to support high-end Mythic+. This score could lead to a Mythic+ leaderboard, and could lead to increased rewards such as mounts, titles, transmogs or other rewards. Mythic+ players have been asking for rewards similar to completing high-end Mythic+ for a while, similar to Gladiator rewards from PvP.

What happens with Raider.IO now?

We believe they will be just fine as Blizz was in close communication with them while developing their own mythic+ scoring system. Thus, the new system will be extremely similar to the one that already exists but also with some added functionality.

Overall, we can see the following advantages to the new Mythic+ Rating system:

  1. Easy access to mythic+ data - you no longer need to visit a website to see how you performed in mythic+ during the season as you can do it inside the game now.
  2. Decreased wait time for your run to appear in the leaderboard - no need to click refresh again and again at the website now. You don’t need to wait till the website fetches the data from official servers as now it’s done instantly and implemented into the game interface.
  3. No more missed runs - it happened many times with the old system that you made a great run but it never appeared in the leaderboard. It will never happen now as all the data is processed by a single body - Blizzard, and the odds something will be missed out is extremely low.
  4. Start of new Mythic+ Era - as Blizzards now organized all the mythic+ related data and has full access to all the possible parameters that can be recorded during those runs (speed of completion, number of deaths, overall dps/hps and many more), we expect to get the further rapid development of mythic plus content with more rewards.

Rewards for Mythic +20 Keystones Completed Within Time Limit

Complete any dungeon at +20 difficulty within the time limit and you will get a teleport toy to that specific dungeon and corresponding achievement. The cooldown of the toy is huge: 20 hours. However, if you are having a cooldown and you complete the dungeon in-time at any mythic+ difficulty, the cooldown is automatically reset.

Finally some great news for key pushers! It’s now not only the respect and silent admiration of fellow players who see you managed to do +20 within the time limit but also some in-game features and achievements given by the Blizz.

We believe it's a great start and we will see many more cool rewards such as mounts or even cool transmog to acknowledge players that play high-end mythic plus content.

The table below shows all the achievements and reward toys related to this new feature.

Achievement Reward
Keystone Hero: The Necrotic Wake Teleport to The Necrotic Wake
Keystone Hero: Plaguefall Teleport to Plaguefall
Keystone Hero: Mists of Tirna Scithe Teleport to Mists of Tirna Scithe
Keystone Hero: Halls of Atonement Teleport to Halls of Atonement
Keystone Hero: Spires of Ascension Teleport to Spires of Ascension
Keystone Hero: Theater of Pain Teleport to Theater of Pain
Keystone Hero: De Other Side Teleport to De Other Side
Keystone Hero: Sanguine Depths Teleport to Sanguine Depths

New Mega-Dungeon: Tazavesh, The Veiled Market.

  • Number of bosses: 8;
  • Dropped items: 226 - 233 ilvl;
  • Mode available: Mythic and Mythic Hard mode (no mythic+ atm).

A brand new Mega-Dungeon - Tazavesh, The Veiled Market is available starting Patch 9.1 Shadowlands Chains of Domination. Tazavesh will only be available on Mythic difficulty, without the Mythic + option yet. Most likely in patch 9.2 it will be split into two dungeons for the M+ versions, just like it was with the Operation: Mechagon in Battle for Azeroth.

All of the bosses in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market drop 226 ilvl items. However, in Hard Mode you will get 233 ilvl items. Also, this Mythic-only instance can reward players with loot coveted by broker society—including a dazzling assortment of weaponry, otherworldly pets, and a mount.

The Tazavesh, the Veiled Market is set in a Broker bazaar where players will encounter eight bosses. The first half of the dungeon will explore the market, encountering new types of Brokers, and the second half will lead to a heist where a broker who has stolen an artifact leads players on a chase through the market and various portals, encountering bosses along the way.

List of bosses in Tazavesh, The Veiled Market:

  1. Zo'phex - To gain entry into the cosmic wonders hidden beyond the gilded gates of Broker City, all must pass through Zo'phex, the security overseer responsible for ensuring travelers are disarmed of their weapons, knowledge, and freedoms at the door.
  2. The Menagerie - The Xy cartel "acquire" rare and valuable items to sell. Their current items for sale include Alcruux, a devourer captured in the forest of Ardenweald, Achillite, a centurion "borrowed" from Bastion, and the Edge of Annihilation, which is an Artifact whose sale to Sire Denathrius had recently fallen through.
  3. Mailroom Mayhem - Something has gone terribly wrong in the Broker's Primary Office for Sending Things (P.O.S.T.). Players must assist the P.O.S.T. Master is getting everything back under control.
  4. Au'myza's Oasis: Zo'gron - Brokers from every cartel meet to discuss underhanded schemes and shady deals at Au'myza's Oasis. The short-tempered patrons are known for being rowdy with live entertainment that doesn't meet their standards.
  5. So'azmi - There are elite broker assassins, there are ELITE elite broker assassins, and then there is So'azmi. As tricky as he is lethal, So'azmi is feared amongst those who know he even exists.
  6. Hylbrande - The Broker's theft of an ancient Titan artifact has awoken the guardian Hylbrande, the Sword of the Keepers. Players must deal with this security construct and the Titan safety measures he commands.
  7. Timecap'n Hooktail - Pirate Dragon
  8. So'leah - So'leah, a power hungry broker, is irresponsibly gathering and exploiting power artifacts in a bid to unlock unrivaled energy and influence. She must be stopped.

New Seasonal Mythic+ affix - “Tormented”.

The affix description states: “Defeat the Jailer's forces to gain cool powers!” Like the BFA Season 4 affix, Awakened, it consists of four Lieutenants being added to each dungeon. They follow similar rules to Prideful in that they don’t reset health if you wipe to them, and they have True Sight, so you can’t just sneak by them (without a little extra work).

They also offer both a “carrot and a stick” incentive to kill them — the carrot is Anima Powers, where each Lieutenant offers each role a predetermined choice between 3 Anima Powers. It’s worth noting this choice does not appear to have any RNG, quelling a common concern players voiced before the Affix was fully revealed. Each Lieutenant has several abilities that have been expanded over the past few weeks of PTR builds, and they also each have an Aura: Ticking Damage, 50% Slow, 50% Less Healing Taken, and 50% Increased Physical Damage Taken. These Auras are active on the final boss of the dungeon unless you defeat the corresponding Lieutenant.

This affix shows a lot of promise for high-end keys, offering enough incentive to engage with the minibosses that the meta is less likely to become as geared towards skipping the affix as it did during Prideful. It’s worth noting that several end bosses are quite doable with the less impactful auras, like the 50% Slow, and it may still end up being a time save to skip the associated Lieutenant in higher keys. For weekly keys and players looking to increase their score, the affix is also likely to play quite nicely, as it offers solid amounts of flexibility and, in many dungeons, you can gear up with several useful Anima Powers before engaging the hardest parts of the instance.

Ta’hsup, the Keystone NPC

Soon to become everyone’s favorite Ethereal, Ta’hsup is arriving in Oribos with several quality of life features. First off, he’ll offer you a keystone if you don’t have one, provided you’ve done at least one Mythic+ Dungeon on that character. Secondly, he’ll allow you to lower the level of your keystone rather than having to awkwardly start and then reset dungeons until your key is at the desired level.

The biggest function of Ta’hsup, however, comes at the end of successful dungeons, where he’ll arrive and offer a one-time Keystone exchange to any player whose current Keystone is at or below the level of the dungeon that was recently completed on time. Keystones that are a higher level than the dungeon that was recently completed on time cannot be traded, including the Keystone that was used to start the run.” This welcome change will allow you to turn your key from a dungeon you’d rather not run into another random dungeon, which helps players who are hunting specific items as well as players who just have a dungeon or two they’d rather not do as frequently.

Valor System for Upgrading Mythic+ Gear in Patch 9.1

Mythic +0 Dungeon Gear that starts at Item Level 210 (Rank 1) can be upgraded to Rank 6 (Item Level 226) without any requirements.

All the higher-rank upgrades (from Rank 6 to 7 and above) are gated behind the new Mythic Scoring System in Patch 9.1.

In the following table, you will find the requirements to upgrade dungeon gear with Valor in Chains of Domination.

Rank Item Level Upgrade Requirements
1 210 None
2 213 None
3 216 None
4 220 None
5 223 None
6 226 None
7 229 600 Mythic+ Rating
8 233 1000 Mythic+ Rating
9 236 1200 Mythic+ Rating
10 239 1400 Mythic+ Rating
11 242 1700 Mythic+ Rating
12 246 2000 Mythic+ Rating

Another important question is how much valor will it cost you to upgrade your gear. Upgrade costs vary by item slot and are consistent across all item levels.

Helms, Chests, Legs 475 Valor per upgrade
1-Handed Strength Weapons 500 Valor per upgrade
1-Handed Intellect Weapons 750 Valor per upgrade
2-Handed Weapons 1,000 Valor per upgrade
Off-Hands, Shields, Rings, Cloaks, Bracers, Necks 250 Valor per upgrade
1-Handed Agility Weapons 500 Valor per upgrade

Every time a new Season starts in Shadowlands, Valor is converted to Gold. Therefore, we advise you to spend any remaining Valor before the new patch is live.

Mythic+ Affixes in Shadowlands Patch 9.1

Week # Affix 1
(Level 2+)
Affix 2
(Level 4+)
Affix 3
(Level 7+)
Seasonal Affix
(Level 10+)
1 Fortified Bursting Storming Tormented
2 Tyrannical Raging Volcanic Tormented
3 Fortified Inspiring Grievous Tormented
4 Tyrannical Spiteful Necrotic Tormented
5 Fortified Bolstering Quaking Tormented
6 Tyrannical Sanguine Storming Tormented
7 Fortified Raging Explosive Tormented
8 Tyrannical Bursting Volcanic Tormented
9 Fortified Spiteful Grievous Tormented
10 Tyrannical Inspiring Necrotic Tormented
11 Fortified Sanguine Quaking Tormented
12 Tyrannical Bolstering Explosive Tormented
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